Just refer 10 people to our service and see how you get above 1 Million+ hits if they all refer 10 people each.

Whenever someone visits the site with your referral url they will view your ad at 1st position and when they join under you and promote with their referral url then it will display your ad at the 2nd position and so on..

You can see the demo chart below that will explain you how much traffic you can get by just referring 10 people.

Chart With Just Ad Views
10 people joins under you 1x10 Your website gets 10 hits
10 people joins under each of them 10x10 Your website gets 100 hits
10 people joins under each of them 10x10x10 Your website gets 1,000 hits
10 people joins under each of them 10x10x10x10 Your website gets 10,000 hits
10 people joins under each of them 10x10x10x10x10 Your website gets 100,000 hits
10 people joins under each of them 10x10x10x10x10x10 Your website gets 1,000,000 hits
Total hits your website will get : 1,111,110.

Now the power and strength of this program is second to none when you add an income stream onto this powerful Ad system. By investing a small one time $10 payment into this system the amount of income can get enormous. $1 is instantly paid to each member whose banner is being viewed within those 6 levels.


Chart With Income At $1 Per View
Level 1-10 people under you 1x10x$1 Equals $10
Level 2-10 people under each of them 10x10x$1 Equals $100
Level 3-10 people under each of them 10x10x10x$1 Equals $1,000
Level 4-10 people under each of them 10x10x10x10x$1 Equals $10,000
Level 5-10 people under each of them 10x10x10x10x10x$1 Equals $100,000
Level 6-10 people under each of them 10x10x10x10x10x10x$1 Equals $1,000,000
Total estimated income you will get : $1,111,110.00

This is all assumption based on the fact that you and your downlines will refer 10 people each , it can be more or less depending upon you and your downline efforts. The more you personally invite to the club, the more opportunity for higher income. Most Marketers fall between Levels 4-5. Only those that stay the course see level 6. The best part about this program is, if you NEVER stop advertising, your income will NEVER stop growing! With each new member that accepts your invite to this opportunity puts you in position to earn from every member in their network that falls within your 6 levels.

That is an enourmous amount of income potential all stemming from a simple, one time payment of only $10.

Here is a visual chart of referring just one member who refers one member and so on....